While you’re in school, you’re of course busy attending classes. But sometimes there’s a course you really need or want to take, and your school doesn’t provide it. What then?

Thanks to our modern technology-driven world, there are plenty of options to take additional courses online at your own pace, outside of what your institution offers. But how much do they cost, and how can you afford them?

The Skillshare student discount is your two-in-one lifesaver!

Skillshare is a platform that showcases courses in the fields of animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, photo/film, business, and writing. They have such a wide variety of courses and classes; you can find almost anything to learn here!

How To Get The Skillshare Student Education Discount

Skillshare believes creativity should be part of all education. They also recognize the financial limitations of student life and offer a generous 50% discount for this reason.

To claim your 50% discount, simply sign up for Skillshare with a valid .edu email and apply for a student scholarship.

Once approved, you’ll have unlimited access to all of their courses and offline videos, and at a greatly discounted price!

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