Do you have an entrepreneurial flair and feel the pull to start your own company one day? Well, surrounded by intelligent, like-minded people and without the responsibilities of a family and full-time job, college is often an amazing place to start. Indeed, from Facebook to Microsoft, some of the biggest businesses ever made began on a college campus!

Thatโ€™s where TechCrunch+ can help. Offering premium advice and analysis from leading investors and founders, as well as live weekly coaching and Q&A sessions, you get access to all the information you need to spot opportunities and bring your business idea to fruition. Oh, and you also get 20% off tickets to TechCrunch events!

How To Get The TechCrunch Extra College Student Discount

If that sounds good, then be sure to claim the TechCrunch+ student discount. For the reduced rate of $50 per year (plus tax), you can gain access to all of the above and more! To claim it, you need to contact the TechCrunch team at using a valid university email address. Tell them youโ€™d like the discount and they should send through a unique link for you to use!

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