Students like to keep up with the times too, right? The New Yorker recognizes this, and also knows the financial demands of being a student can be overwhelming.

For this reason, The New Yorker Student Discount has a range of plans at a generously discounted rate: a whopping 50% off!

Bonus: this discount applies not only to students, but to educators as well!

New Yorker Subscription Discount Options:

12 weeks of print plus digital access for $6 (regular price $12)
12 weeks of digital only access for $6 (regular price $12)
1 year of digital only access for $49.99 (regular price $99.99)

The two 12-week options renew at the 1-year price if the subscriber doesnโ€™t cancel before the end of their discounted term; the digital only version at $49.99 per year and the print plus digital version at $74.99 per year.ย (You might also be interested in The New York Times student discount)

The great news is subscribers get to keep their discount beyond just the first year if they choose the annual option and stay subscribed!

This allows students to stay up to date with current events while they work on achieving their educational goals.

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