While quality shoes are of high priority, some brands have questionable methods when it comes to creating the kicks that consumers love. As our planet begs for help with all of our waste and pollution issues, finding sustainable ways to create products we all love has become an important mission for many. But doesnโ€™t sustainable mean expensive? Whatโ€™s an environmentally conscious student to do?

Allbirds was created with this exact issue in mind: making shoes more sustainable and better quality for feet everywhere. The company was born when founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger realized that their native country New Zealand had an abundance of sustainable resources in the form of merino wool. These two then went on to create a no-fluff, comfort-focused shoe brand that delights feet all over the world while helping the planet, too!

How To Get The Allbirds College Student Discount

Allbirds wants their shoes on as many feet as possible, to share the love and help the planet as much as they can. Theyโ€™re offering 10% off for students, making it an even better idea to wear their shoes! Just go here to get the details, and soon enough you could be helping your tootsies and the planet at the same time!

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