Every penny counts when youโ€™re a student โ€” itโ€™s hardly a time for investing your money into a future that seems miles away. Or is it?

With new investing options it can be possible to invest while youโ€™re still in school and start contributing to your future right now. But how can you afford it?

Acorns student pricing is based on this exact question that many students ask themselves, so they provide an answer!

With investment tools like Acorns, not only is investing possible, but itโ€™s also easy. Acorns works like a piggy bank of sorts, rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and saving the difference in an investment account for you.

Through their app on your smart phone, you could be saving a whole lot more than you thought possible, and itโ€™s all done for you automatically!

How To Get The Acorns Student Special

While youโ€™d expect something like this to have a hefty price tag, Acorns is very reasonable. Their plans start as low as $1 a month, but you donโ€™t even have to pay that.

Just enter โ€œstudentโ€ in the occupation field of your sign-up form and provide a valid college email, and youโ€™ll get Acorns free for up to 4 years!

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