College students need rest to allow their brain and body to recover from the day. Rest can also help us sleep better. The good news is that Calm Premium subscription can help you achieve all of that and more.

And that’s not all. Amazon offers Calm student discounts to college students who want to relax, meditate, and sleep. This discount is only available for a limited time for students in the U.S.

Eligible members can redeem a three-month free trial of Calm Premium, which will renew automatically at a discounted rate of $8.99 PER YEAR. That’s such a big discount compared to the $69.99 other members pay.

Not a student? No worries, you can still enjoy the benefits of Calm Premium by starting your free trial now.

Don’t worry because Calm offers several other options as well. You can start with their free six-month trial. Then, upgrade your package and pay only $6.49 per month. That’s half Prime’s price!

This is a limited-time offer. So, don’t let this opportunity slip away. Click here to sign up today to get the Calm student discount if you want to activate calm and relax.

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