Learning a new language has been said to expand the mind. Not only that, but itโ€™s always great to learn a new language for when you decide to travel, start a new job, or even just for fun! The number of apps and programs available these days make it tricky, though. Some are great and really help you learn, othersโ€ฆnot so much. Which one do you choose?

Duolingo is a popular choice, and thereโ€™s a good reason for that. Their unique approach makes learning fun and engaging, producing better and faster results than a traditional language program. Another smart feature that Duolingo has the ability to customize your learning. Many people around the world love Duolingo, and it helps them love learning, too!

How To Get The Duolingo College Student Discount

Duolingo offers a 2-month free trial of Duolingo Plus to students, through their partnership with Unidays. Simply sign up for a free Unidays account, verify your info, and get started for free! There is also the option to contact Duolingo directly through your .edu email, which will help you find out if there are any other student discounts happening currently.

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