Student life is as busy as it gets. From one class to the next, complete with studying and socializing, you rarely have a free moment for anything else! However, finding time to look and feel good is important, too, which is one reason the everlane student discount is so helpful.

Itโ€™s easy to shop for clothes online, but we rarely know where they come from or how theyโ€™re made. Everlane is working to change that, with their open-door approach that theyโ€™ve dubbed โ€œRadical Transparency.โ€

They make clothes to last with high quality materials and use only ethical practices to do it, hiding nothing about their process.

Using The Everlane Student Discount Coupon Code

For men and women alike, Everlane has something that everyone will love. From jeans to t shirts, dresses to swimwear and everything in between, theyโ€™ve got all your clothing needs covered!

To get your student discount, just fill your cart as normal and use code STU20 at checkout for a 20% discount on your entire purchase. Just imagine all the amazing new styles you can grab with a discount this generous.

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