Student life can get hectic, and fast. From your class schedule to your homework assignments, quizzes and study sessions, thereโ€™s always something that needs to be done! Itโ€™s easy to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of your schedule, and understandably so.ย 

Getting (and staying) organized is a huge help when youโ€™re constantly busy; knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it can really make the difference to your success. Organization software can really help here, and Evernote is a great place to start! With features like note taking, calendar, document scanning and templates, Evernote has everything you need to become an organization ninja, all in one place.

How To Get The Evernote College Student Discount

Students get a 50% discount with Evernote, which is a great reason to sign up right away! Just create an account and verify your student status by using your .edu or .ac email. Evernote will take you the rest of the way to your savings, and youโ€™ll be on top of your organization game in no time!ย 

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