Web design is a fast-growing field and considering the important role technology plays in our lives, it only makes sense. If youโ€™re a web design student or are just interested in creating a website for business or personal reasons, knowing how to do it the right way can save you countless hours of frustration that you really donโ€™t need!

Webflow is a web design company that not only provides website and hosting options, but they also have courses in web design. This invaluable resource is a huge help โ€” and can mean the difference between a successful website and a disastrous one. You can learn, build, and create all in one place with Webflowโ€™s amazing resources.

How To Get The Webflow College Student Discount

Webflow recognizes the importance of their product as well as the fact that students need a helping hand in the financial department. They offer a massive student discount of 90% off, which makes their product way more accessible to those who need it! Sign up for the student plan and get started building your amazing new website ASAP!

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