Ableton Live makes music creation a breeze. Wildly popular, this powerful editing software is fast and flexible, providing music lovers with instruments, sounds, and other creative effects for making unique tunes, tracks, and jingles.

Needless to say, Ableton Live would be invaluable for anybody doing a music-related degree. Yet music grads arenโ€™t the only people to benefit! Literally anyone with an interest in music creation (be it aspiring DJs or an indie filmmaker who needs a backing track) will love this editing tool.

If you fit in either category, then youโ€™ll be pleased to hear that Ableton offers both students and teachers 40% off the regular price! Furthermore, this discount extends to their Ableton Push product- a clever piece of hardware that lets you play music like an instrument.

How To Get The Ableton Live College Student Discount

The simplest way to cash in is via the relevant section on their website (here). Select the option you want, create an account, and then verify your educational status. Once this bitโ€™s done (heads up, the verification process can take up to 2 days), you can go ahead and install the software.

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