Every student needs to take breaks from their busy schedules โ€” itโ€™s an important part of staying productive. When youโ€™re too tired to go out with friends or hit the gym, itโ€™s nice to be able to relax and catch up on your favorite shows for a while. But with so many cable and streaming service options, which ones do you choose?ย 

CBS has been broadcasting high-quality TV since before the days of streaming, and theyโ€™re not slowing down anytime soon. After making the transition to streaming while also remaining on cable, their lineup has only grown to appease the increase in viewers across the country. From breaking news to every imaginable TV genre, everyone can find something they love on this network!

How To Get The CBS College Student Discount

CBS wants students everywhere to have access to their streaming service, no matter your budget. This is the reason theyโ€™re offering such a generous discount โ€” to make their network available to everyone! Their All-Access subscription is 25% off when you sign up with your .edu email address. Head over now and start streaming in minutes!ย 

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