Writing music is a talent that not many people share โ€” simply because itโ€™s so tricky! Where do the notes go, and what do those symbols even mean? The musical prodigy might understand this foreign language, but what about the rest of the budding composers out there? There has to be a solution, right?

Finale has that solution, thank goodness! This musical notation software makes composing even the most complicated pieces seem effortless โ€” or at least not so darn difficult. Arrange your notes, your crescendos, and your fortes however you like to bring the music in your heart to life, and easily! Students love Finale for the simplicity it brings, and the fact that itโ€™s available to all!

How To Get The Finale College Student Discount

Finale offers a generous discount to students and hope to encourage the composer in everyone. They believe that all music should be given life and make it more possible with their student discount. You can either purchase a Finale card from your student bookstore with your discount code or go here and purchase Finale directly for just $99.

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