Being a student is busy enough with the constant academic demands and social activities alone. Not to mention youโ€™re an adult now, which means dealing with boring stuff like paying bills, buying necessities for yourself, and creating a budget! Budgeting can be intimidating if youโ€™ve never been taught an effective way to do it, and this is the reason many people just donโ€™t bother.ย 

Keeping track of your income, spending, bills and savings has never been easier; thanks to our technology driven world thereโ€™s an app or software for pretty much anything. Finances are one area where these tools come in especially handy โ€” many of them do the hard work for you, or at the very least help you to organize your money more effectively.ย 

How To Get The Quickbooks College Student Discount

Quickbooks covers all things accounting, making it easier for you to deal with your finances and keep your spending within healthy limits. They offer a free student version of Quickbooks when you verify your student status, so you can get on top of your budget right away!ย 

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