With all the benefits of technology, there are some annoyances, too. For example, how many times have you been sent a PDF by a professor or classmate, only to find out you canโ€™t edit it?

Tracking down a printer or scanner (or both) isnโ€™t always possible, leaving you with little to no options. Thankfully, there are bright minds in the world who have thought of this very predicament, so you can edit or fill in forms on PDFs with no problem!

PDF Expert is the company behind this genius idea, using their amazing software to solve the worldโ€™s PDF frustration once and for all.

No more wondering why you canโ€™t edit or rushing to print a document to fill it in, just edit right there on your computer! This is a lifesaver in the homework department, especially if youโ€™ve left an assignment to the last minute and your options are running low.ย 

How to Get The PDF Expert Student Discount

Also, PDF Expert offers an awesome student discount! Their generous 50% off for students is a great deal, and super simple to redeem. Just go to this page and purchase the special education offer, and youโ€™re free to edit to your heartโ€™s content!

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