When studying, the use of statistics comes in incredibly handy. Whether youโ€™re a student of statistics itself or simply need better access to real data that backs up your work, you probably know the importance of finding the right information. This can also be quite difficult, however, so your best bet is a reputable statistic software platform. But arenโ€™t these hard to come by on a studentโ€™s budget?

SPSS by IBM aims to make the hunt for statistical data much easier for you with its intuitive, user-friendly platform. It helps you find the data you need, analyze it with ease, and doesnโ€™t require any code to be written โ€” which is a huge plus. Students love the fact that SPSS includes all the elements of the analytics lifecycle, that it has flexible licensing options, and that itโ€™s available to both Mac and Windows users!

How To Get The SPSS College Student Discount

IBM knows the heavy demands on students and wants to help โ€” by making it easier to access premium products like SPSS. Their Grad Pack is more affordable for students and offers multiple options for purchasing from their reputable retailer list. Just go here to see your options, find the one that works for you, and youโ€™ll be data hunting in no time!

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