For your mixing, vocals, and drums, you want top quality tools. Thereโ€™s no way to get the best possible sound with anything less โ€” music doesnโ€™t lie! If youโ€™re a mixing enthusiast or a budding engineer, you know that the highest quality software doesnโ€™t come cheap. This can sometimes leave students in a pickle due to their restricted budget, but it doesnโ€™t always have to.

Soundtoys is a premium quality music/recording software provider that understands what it means to produce the best possible sounds. From drums to vocals, echoes to synths, you can pretty much find anything you need from their wide array of products! They also understand that student life comes with financial restrictions and want to help you out with that.

How To Get The Soundtoys Student Discount

For your student discount with Soundtoys, just fill out this form and provide the necessary information. Youโ€™ll gain access to their special bundle for students and educators โ€” the 5.3 Academic Bundle โ€” at a massive discount of 50% off! You can take care of all your mixing and recording needs, all while knowing youโ€™re using the highest quality tools that you got for an awesome bargain!

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