Staying informed on current events is important โ€” especially in these changeable times. Knowing whatโ€™s going on in the world allows us to be aware of our surroundings, helping us to feel more involved in our own lives. This is especially important for students: youโ€™re so busy with school you might forget to check in with the world sometimes!

The LA Times is a highly reputable source of information for Californians and others alike. Their expertly reported stories allow readers valuable insight on the happenings of the world, allowing readers to stay informed on important matters that occur every day. Available in print or online, The LA Times is a valuable read for anyone interested in current events!

How To Get The LA Times College Student Discount

Students are valued by The LA Times, and they show their appreciation for eager young minds in a very generous way. Their rates arenโ€™t specified other than โ€œdeeply discounted,โ€ but if you fill out this form their representatives will be in touch with a great offer just for you. See? It pays to stay informed โ€” literally!

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