Being creative with photos is nothing new; changing the lighting, adding filters, and switching backgrounds is commonplace these days. But the software that you require to make your photos stand out can be pretty costly โ€” leading students to rely on less expensive (and lower quality) options.ย 

Photoshop by Adobe is the original program that started the image-altering movement, and it reigns supreme in the image software industry to this day. The options you can use to change, enhance, and create your images are almost endless, and make image altering more fun than ever. To truly make your photos and images stand out, you need to be able to express your inner creative โ€” which is exactly what you get to do with Photoshop.

How To Get The Photoshop College Student Discount

Students can benefit from all the options that come with Photoshop, and at a majorly discounted price! Photoshop comes along with the larger package called Adobe Creative Cloud, and the student price is over 60% off! Just go here to start your free trial and see what all the fuss is about. You wonโ€™t be disappointed, and neither will your fans!

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