The fact that pretty much everythingโ€™s digital these days is more convenient in a lot of ways. However, thereโ€™s so many scams out there that itโ€™s important to stay safe when doing business online.

Protecting your sensitive information is essential, which is why passwords are so helpful. But how many times have you used those โ€œreset passwordโ€ links, simply because you have too many passwords to remember?

1Password was designed for this purpose, allowing you to enter all of your passwords into their app and storing them safely for you. This means no more remembering multiple passwords: 1Password does the remembering for you!

They also have a secure digital wallet feature, and an alert system that lets you know if anything seems a little off with any of your accounts. Perfect for the student whose brain is already busy learning!

How To Get The 1Password Student Discount

1Password offers a 50% discount to students, making their service even more valuable. Just sign up here with your academic email address, create an account, and youโ€™re all set to free up that much needed space in your brain for more important things!

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