Music making software can run a pretty penny, especially when itโ€™s top quality. For the student majoring in sound engineering or something similar, or even for someone pursuing music/audio processing as a side hobby, this sort of purchase can seem beyond their financial reach.

Thankfully, there are student discount programs to help, and Fabfilter has a very generous offer available to those willing to fill out a simple form.

Fabfilter is a software service that provides plugins for mixing, mastering and perfecting audio files. They create the best possible tools for audio processing, with a focus on premium sound quality. They have developed unique audio processing algorithms, and proudly tout their productsโ€™ ease of use as well as its eye-catching interface.ย 

How To Get The Fabfilter Student Discount

They also realize that students need to save money and offer a generous 50% student discount on their products. Considering their cheapest bundle is currently valued at $379, that 50% can be extremely helpful to the starving student! Single plugins are less expensive (starting at $59), but every penny counts when youโ€™re a student, right?ย 

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